My CEE Logos

Romero Graphic Design Project: CEE Logo 54 Project Points A- Project Grade 10 Deadline 10 Requirement 9 Difficulty 9 Technique 9 Composition 7 Professionalism Instructor Comments: +2 in difficulty for submitting more than one design. Top Design The large E is a surprisingly effective logo by itself. Here the giant E calls attention to the simplicity and beauty of the letter E while heralding the importance of Education. The ?xecutive? and ?ducation? is a bit hard to read as ?executive? and ?education?, even though the concept is well intended. Use just a simple stack of words on top of each other: Center for Execution Education Middle Design This is a bit complex and difficult to read overall. The buzz saw is a bit too off-putting for a wide target audience that the center hopes to attract. Bottom Design This is your most professional design I have seen you create. The logo is clean, precise and elegant. The design works well in both color and black and white. The X on the globe mirrors the x in executive and wraps around the globe showing the importance and power of education.

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